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Asphalt Yacht Club - Website

Brooklyn Industries - Website

CMJ - Website

Edulence - Website

Foot Locker - Website

The Guild - Website

Love & War - Website

Mediabend Capital - Website

Pond 5 - Website

Pulse Creative - Website

Robert Marc - Website

Savta Remedies - Website



James Orchard-Hays is a well-rounded designer, illustrator, and artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. When he's not freelancing for businesses in the city, he can be found improving his illustration skills with a constant flow of sketches and doodles in sketchbooks that line his desk.

In 2012, James moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn for work in the city. Using his years of print shop experience to get into the world of freelance graphics, he landed his first freelance gig at Love & War in SOHO. In the past four years, James has grown incredibly fast as a designer working for several companies in Manhattan and Brooklyn. His passion for design lends itself to ease in learning, as he constantly grows in all mediums of design, from print to web to production.

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