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CMJ College Day Poster 2014

Illustrated poster design for CMJ's College Day Awards. Each poster is given out as an award for a

College Radio Station winning their nominated category.

While in my second year of work at CMJ, I was asked to design a screen-printed College Radio Awards poster. Of course I was very excited about the project and decided to push the envelope a bit. I know that the students look forward to these awards and I wanted to make something that really stuck out and was bright and colorful. I decided to go with this psychedelic melting Picasso-like face with massive green hair. I was limited to four colors for the print. Working with that limitationI chose pink as the background for the poster to keep it eye-catching and bold. After adding in the music notes, I noticed it created a look similar to a watermelon. I was happy with the result and even more happy that this poster was approved. As with any print I produce, I numbered and signed the set of 52 prints.


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